Floor Barre Ballet

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Floor Barre Ballet

This one hours adult class started on November 6, 2017 for adults dancers/non-dancers. Class runs on Mondays 11am and Saturday 8am. Floor Barre is aimed to develop physical abilities of a dancer’s body for the classical ballet. All exercises are performed on the floor, in such way, that it takes the pressure off the dancer’s back, and working leg, which gives the ability to concentrate on specific muscles.

This allows dancers to create muscle memory long before they perform all these exercises at the barre. This class helps to form the basic motor abilities and skills necessary for the successful development of classical, modern, ballroom and other dances.

The main emphasis is on the foot, the development of the lumbar spine. Students are taught the basics of ballet. This type of training contributes to a beautiful posture, correct alignment of the body. At this young age, ligaments and muscles are the most suitable

for starting the strengthening exercises. With the continuous and correct execution of each exercise, dancer forms correct turnout, flexibility and coordination of the body.

This class also called as preparation for classical ballet lessons. The exercises designed to reach all layers of muscles, not only top layer that is easier to reach, but also addresses the deep muscles that are hard to reach when exercising at the ballet barre. It helps to develope correct posture, stretch/strenghten the muscles.

Ballet Beginners